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UPU Postal Stationery Specimens is a new addition to the UPSS website. It is a detailed list of worldwide UPU specimen stationery derived from the website created by James Bendon. The UPSS is now maintaining the site. Check out the extraordinary amount of research the contents represents.

Historically the 19th Century and 20th Century U.S. Envelope catalogs have been published (printed version) at 10 year intervals. There are no plans to change this. eBook versions could and will be updated more frequently. The first 20th Century ebook contained about 120 corrections to the printed version (as listed in “Corrections” on website) while the 19th Century ebook only had about a dozen corrections.

How often should the ebook versions of the U.S. envelope catalogs be updated and reissued?

Every year

Every second year

Every third year

When 10 or more corrections/new listings are noted but no oftener than once a year.

When 25 or more corrections/new listings are noted but not oftener than once a year.

New Book Available - Stamped Envelope and Wrapper Specimens of the U.S. July-August 2014 issue of Postal Stationery

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